Paris Journey’s -Mornings in Paris

20140813-093806 am-34686559.jpg
When I wake up to your beautiful face
Surrendering to the Paris mornings
To see you, makes my heart skip
You do not give in or give up on me
But simply concede to the resolve
Never letting yourself be tamed or
Carried away by the winds.

Maybe they call it really living
When you have someone to share it
Maybe it’s love or it’s just the way we
Have come together in life…
Because you love someone
And with change we see things differently,
It seems love brings out the best of us
It takes you by surprise
Like the last step, when
You realized you are there,
Right when it was almost too late
For us thinking We might never
Discover each other.

I love you because…
You didn’t give up on me
You didn’t give in
There was to be no ending
From me by your side
When i tripped over you
You just kept on smiling
In our morning walks
We take together in Paris
From that first day we met
And here, now and ever after.
It’s why I love you,
And I still do.

Thank you for the mornings
You give to me.

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