10 thoughts on “Heavy

  1. Many kinds of weight. Some easy to release and somethings tattoos on our brain and the body. Good to release the heavy weight of useless and un-needed things.


    • I think there’s weight in consciousness of all things and some with burdens some stay with us and we keep them. Helps us to remember the good when’s that is what makes us better because it just stays with us and the worst, we eventually let go over time.

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      • I tell people and write often. Distance and time make the pain seem less. I re-read my old journals. It was hell in the bad or good ending. I have stories I won’t write. I was once like the country song. Running down the road. Screaming out a name and they gave me crayons and paper to keep me safe.


      • I’ll be back on track real soon. So much going on and trying to let it soak it. The summer holidays, new love, traveling in Europe, moving, and mortgages. Sorting it all out soon.

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      • Enjoy your fun. Rarely we can. I’m very happy you are traveling and enjoying life. If I live long enough. I will travel again. Catnip, you are beautiful and kind. Have fun and be safe.


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  3. Hi Catnip, I really love this colourful little piece so have pressed it and shared on Facebook, I have also spent quite a lot of time in the UK, but expenses, the trouble with opening bank accounts, owning property and the weather drove me away each time. Best wishe and blessings Charles.


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