Phoenix Rising

Tonight he ask, for me to be his
To think about it, but I already knew
For I have loved him so long,
It’s been a half century now.

When he slips a token upon my hand
Whereupon he will glance
At my human form once more,
Me, a reflection in his eyes
He is my betrothed, my only hope,
For I love him madly,
Always have.

Fate is merciless, but love
But when its right, it just is
There will be a homecoming
When I arrive at his place
To make love for the rest of our days
In a passionate embrace
There are none other as fair as he
My hope will be to marry one day,
That is, if I am not too late.

No less the agony, the time waiting
Of not knowing for sure until today
Only once did I weep before him
My sorrow he did see,
He knew our love was meant to be
So i flew to him and now i’m home
Not even death will separate us
And our Love will never depart us
And neither one of us will be apart
We shall live and die together.

So let the rains pour down
They will mix with our tears
Once my dying body felt the weight
Of a thousand years
And the memories of the woman
I once was, is now gone
I am his Phoenix rising
And he is mine, as we are becoming
Because of his tender care,
In this life and next
In love and in life we shall share,
All the rest of our days,
Together in love.

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