Harmony and Eutony


My body stayed close to yours, still
Even as my lips memorised you neck
And my blood-thirsty fill.

His songs we remained to sing
All night long, sweet guitar strums
Sweet moans and whispers
Of slow and and steady
We synchronised, in harmony.

I sang along in inaudible noises
Consented and readied
No longer was I the innocent
Arms enfolded around thy own
Both of us youthful and covered in
I love you’s.

Uninhibited was my taste
Delight was the taste of you
Of male and female wine
Of lips parted and pouted
In the final note,
A eutony.

Eutony – pronunciation – ‘U-ton-E\ (YOO-ton-ee)nope |Euphony is any harmonious or sweet sound. It may be obsolete or extremely obscure (and it was later adopted by someone who used it as the name of their “holistic method of self-discovery”).

4 thoughts on “Harmony and Eutony

  1. I’m very glad to read your new poetry. It is alive and filled with positive drive and contentment. Had a feel of peace to the words. I hope you are having some fun my dear friend.


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