Perfectly Welsh

American Girl in Wales

An opaque mist, is upon the fields
Morning skies, of a new day rising
The leaves soaked with dew
You bring me tea,
Hanging on to the love, believing
And all is to come.

High above is the mystery of life
Of a Welsh and French hearts
They need no proof, they just are
Staunch and strong and serious
By emotions cautious but tender
It’s just their way.

Surrounded by the lowly hills of Wales,
Of greener grasses on open plains
Miseries and sorrows nearly gone
Of a time long ago, in a time
Where dragons roamed,
They are all gone now, slain by knights
We are all that’s left, just each other,
Like falling leaves, but not forgotten.

It’s the coldest cold that we know
In the deepest depths of winter,
The only barrier, we will keep us
So, and always together,
That I wouldn’t have you any other…

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