Letters to Sweetheart


Having a bit of a slow start this morning, even though its noon now. I love waking up next to you and through out the night too. Being next to someone, so close, there is great comfort in knowing you are there so close; its a calm that I can’t quite explain; it’s nice like the universe giving you the reassurance everything is going to be just fine. Also between us is that certain tension of excitement, respect and mutual affection that exists in the connection we seem to share; Do you feel it too? Its nice. I think it keeps us curious and wanton. It is even a pleasure knowing you are an intellectual, quite extraordinary I think. Maybe I should call you ‘Sparky.’ Indeed, it suits you. In closing I wanted to say again; Thank you for the tea on the bed table before you left for work this morning and for letting me sleep in dear. You gave me time for my mind and body to catch up from the exciting adventures from this past weekend.
Sparky, you are amazing dear!
Love Always,
Yours, Sweetie Bella

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