To Be Understood

I don’t always know everything
Like the circumstances of one’s birth
And if we’re to simply exist, or
Where destiny began and ends, or
Why tension is good when it’s calm,
How does fate happen, and
Why is another person so relevant
To someone’s life,
Or why he writes like Dylan Thomas
And why he looks like an angel at times,
I don’t have all the answers, but
What really counts, is what one does
With that one life, to be understood
And that is a wonderful gift…
To me… But I think it’s why
I love you that much…and I think,
I always will.

3 thoughts on “To Be Understood

  1. Lovers of words are like lovers of good wine. We thirst for the magic of real life and new taste. We need to have people near who make us know need and make us come alive. A amazing poem dear Poet.


  2. I waited by the stream,
    Once where a tree stood
    He kissed me everyday,
    And sang to me every night
    As a reminder he loved me
    I was only girl
    That he ever really ever loved,
    Hoping she would return it
    He knew it was true
    But there he had to wait
    Almost his whole life for me
    Until I came here and to him
    Waiting even past heaven and earth
    And even eternity.


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