Without Regret

This path we walk now
Is without turning back.

Without regret of the past
There are no mistakes.

At this time in our life
We only have experiences
And we must learn from them.

To love while we can
To live every moment
To keep moving on.

There are predictions
Of the future, no guarantees.

And even if we fear it
It’s a good thing because
Doubt gives our mind
A chance to this experience.

To see what happens next
To let our heart catch up
With our minds.

I would have the experience
To never miss out, never a regret.

The only thing we have today
Is the present, here and now
So let’s live it, just think about it
And forget about the rest.

You’ve been so brave
And I’m so proud of you
To be a part of your life.

No regrets, never
No not one.

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