All I have is love….


I just got here and all I know is that I have is; love for you and it’s inside of me and I can feel you and hear it too as if you were like music; the music that I love. Sounds of soft gradient whispers in this cool night air with blue eyes, soft tears; the night and the rain. Just us.

Its a love growing; its love glowing and changing tempo to the rhythm of long slow wet passionate kisses as if reverberating a lift, always wanting more sweet repeating.

Its about a symphony and the ballad and From here I can taste the fluid melodic memories. It’s a love song shared.

Such love is a grace with such thrills; the remains of a treble’s shrill with no end to a beautiful endless stream of melody. It’s so perfect.

I love to listen to guitars humming of harmony under the sheets: Wild, passionate and scattered; its about the delivery of the finish with after shocks of thought.

Thoughts of you playing all night as we drift between the rafters, where all I have is love…and it still lingers in the air.

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