Carl Shops Online


When Carl sets his sights on a particular item; regardless of whether it’s a new toy, game, or even a broom; I think he plans in advance how to convince me to buy it for him.

He has a variety of negotiation tactics and rhetorical arguments in their pitch arsenal. If I don’t consent, he may go online and buy it himself. He uses my password with an explanation of benefits to me after the fact.

Bargaining is another strategy, chores in exchange for products is out of the question. If those tactics fail, he resorts to an age-old behaviour as an alternative strategy to get what he wants.

The broom is part of this year’s Halloween costume…why else would a a cat need a broom. oh brother.

3 thoughts on “Carl Shops Online

  1. Bwaa Haaa haaaa! Carl is a Kool Kat. I think I recognize the Amazon shipping technique with the broom. Not one of my orders from Amazon survived their odd packing philosophy 🙂

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