The Ferment


” The ferment is a dance in which

there is much excitement and confusion

caused by change.”

~ Catnip

The ferment can be unnerving… and exhilarating
It’s a new dance, and I just made it up
Here is an introduction of liquid mixture.

It’s mixing together ingredients, causing shifts,
In an especially slightly irregular motion.

It’s a prodding into brisk or vigorous action
to be bestirred; stirring the hips into a fix.

Roused from being different
prompted into action deliberately provoking
stirred by trouble.

Excited strong feelings, change position
slightly moving about actively
from a unusual place or addition.

To be capable of being stirred
moving a mixture that is easily aroused
affected by strong feeling.

A stirring, mixing, poking movement
And movement causing commotion
A excited chemical reaction
Do the ferment.

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