I wanted it to be you…

Time has a way of changing everything.
That goes for almost anything but us.
Always have and I always will remain.
Words from a heart that you can trust.
While others come and go, you can always know
I’m here for you whenever you might need me.

Sometimes if you’re lucky
You’ll find that certain someone
You can always count on to be true.
If I had the choice of only one friend in this world,
You’d know that I’d want it to be you.

You’re still as sweet as a honey bee after all these years.
You’ll always be that funny girl to me.
Season to season well always have a reason
to be the best friends we can be.
“I’d Want It To Be You”

Artist Barbra Streisand and Blake Shelton
Album Partners

(Deluxe) [2014], Track 6


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