Across the miles


“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water,
yet nothing can resist it.”
— Lao Tzu

To be receptive to what the universe brings to us, we need to be open, fluid, and infinitely adaptable to the awareness of it.

Flexibility is a component of the art of desiring. To obtain it means that our attention does not get stuck on preconceptions about how our desire is to manifest.

But by remaining receptive, we are at free, our awareness separates us from the negative allowing us to adapt to whatever the intention we need to survive it.

Today I will cultivate my awareness as my mind moves from situations to thoughts without friction or resistance.

My attentions and my thoughts will move with any expression of the intention without me losing focus or unboundedness.

Ibwill only remember you; what goodness there is between us… to be like water and my love so fluid for you, thinking of you only until you return to my loving arms.

I love you.

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