A Writer’s (Holi)day


Small boy with his handicapped grandfatherAny writer who has come of age in the era of social media knows authors do a lot more than write books. We have three big jobs:

  • writing–includes our WIP, blog posts, articles, freelance work–anything that gets our name out there as a writer and lets us practice our art. On a good day, this might be 60% of what I do.
  • publishing–includes managing media outlets, getting our work and name out there, finding an agent. This varies from 5% to 80% of my day’s activities.
  • marketing–finding people who are interested in our writing. Like publishing, this varies depending upon where I am in the writing cycle.

This is aside from the Real Job that pays the bills, supports our family, and keeps us in Starbucks.

With the holidays approaching, I created a TODO list  to help me stay organized:

  1. get back into the tech thriller I’ve been working on…

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