Shades of Color


Because he had never
shown me his colors
until now…
I’d always wondered
Wondered why we loved
if we were the same
and yet we were different shades
of color
cut from the same cloth
His black and blue,
and mine purple
I think that’s what made me
love him even more.

9 thoughts on “Shades of Color

      • My dear precious soul, none of us are perfect or even close. We can only do the very best and give ourselves the same leeway we give to strangers. my OPA, Grandpa, told me the trick to dealing with adults was—-treat them all like grown folks, but understand they’ll sometimes act like little kids.
        He also told me to never take life or myself TOO SERIOUSLY.
        Of course in Dutch, there were a LOT more words to those short phrases)))))))))))))))))))))
        We had great time, I volunteered to do laundry while all my “Wimmenfolk” went to spend some ‘girly’ time for themselves. Sons are watching and playing with Kids outside building leaf piles to jump in and such childish stuff)))))))))))))))))))))))))) old bones aren’t jumping anywhere today or next few days either.
        Someday I’LL learn to stay off my knees or play on floor.
        probably not
        be blessed, my Friend

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      • You indeed are most deservedly blessed, my dear Friend. Hearing you say that brings a smile to my face and a tingle in my heart for you.))))))))))))))


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