It had been a night
of silence
thought and of quietness
making love
no talking or speaking
unsure of intentions.

I cried
and in the love,
on that night
it was as though
neither of us were
not quite sure

Until now.

And if I weren’t sure
I would have told him to
take his crescent wrenches
and fuck off,

…he was crying too
he doesn’t cry
I cry, not him.

So, I slid into bed next
to him, waiting
to hear those intoxicating

and as he spoke, I dreamed
they came so soft and sweet
to me

I tried
to hold the back
the tears,
but I could

Just too

One thought on “Intoxicated

  1. “Just too
    Nothing wrong with being intoxicated for love. A emotion rarely reached or attained. Thank you dear Poet for sharing your amazing poetry.


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