Without A Doubt


In my wandering ways, like the clouds sometimes; making us float around in the manner that love plays, like its a lost and found for everyone, except I hope not for us. Where we found the days together meeting the night. It’s been so perfect.

I did not know when or where it would happened or why. But this separation would be no doubt my greatest fear; we are so alone. Without you I am the lost of a late flight.

It was too good to be true, this will be our greatest challenge as a couple. There is no such thing as a hitch without a flaw. There will be always things in life that will remind us that we are a small tiny fraction of this universe.

It will require acceptance without protest or hesitation; regardless of the perception of others, even it’s so much different from our own.

We at best at the mercy of those who feel at odds with us; but yet we should gain at least some consideration of empathy.

It is by grace that we will overcome And for this grace, I am confident in the British system and that we humbly accept and wait to see what nature has planned, even it it means taking the good with the bad.

You are my loving, aspiring desire and where every love is from and our emotions are deep and overflowing right now and this is where patience and faith in the system seems to be the only option.

Only understand this; it is why I love you so, even in this timeless space of thought; remember; its a part of life
And we will be together again soon.

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