Peddle Peddle Peddle


We are beginning a journey. They say the best one are the ones that we never plan. I’m not sure of that.

But it’s there with you in that place, on that rock; it is where I find my balance and it’s where I can feel the wind on my face.

It’s just those rocky days when we are apart; like when I fell off the bike and the water rose too quickly and the world felt like it was crumbling beneath me and now it feels like that again; that I’m going to fall off and that I’m almost slipping.

Today felt that, like a rocky ledge, I guess we all have them; but then I remember what we have together and I know it will be over soon.

Deep down I know there is nothing I fear, except, it’s just the thought of not having you near me right now. It feels like I’m falling.

Missing someone feels like falling, and it’s when I’m on that rock, when I am just about to fall; but then…

I’m steadied by your hand,
The sound of your voice,
And the beating of your heart.

You bring me back and I’m steadied, I get back on again; and peddle on.

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