Never Looking Back


The painting of
One thousand heartbeats
Of just seeing her
Slows my own.

We are not broken
By decisions and movement.
We are a timeless pallet
Colors so vivid.

Of brushstroke painted
Between your heart and mine
Ribs infused in grace
From not so long ago..

Adam and Eve
Of decisions and movement.
Classic wonder and the beautiful,
Who is she?

Will we not crumble
Nor disintegrate a dream,
Of longing for the days,
Of holding hands again.

We will paint angels
On canvas castles,
Green hills, skies,
Of glowing lights.

Finger painting, wasting oils
And countless sunsets,
Drawings getting tangled,
In paint by numbers.

On the hill, camping,
I am longing for the days
Of leaping because we can,
And never looking back.

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