Laws of Nature


When love is in our lives; poisons transform into pure waters, lush forests change the air crisp and clean, the soil gives life to plants releasing oxygen. It’s chemistry; the alchemy of love and desire.

Once I remember hearing someone say that love can save the world. Well, I think they were right. When love is revealed; everything on the planet is beautiful and green. It seems the world is made new. Love becomes the laws of nature.

Love is growth; buds unfurling at dawn, flowers shimmering in a dance of pleasure and it’s beauty is a deep healing for all.

It’s curling up at midnight brushing against the trembling belly of lovers.

It is the experience of pleasure with each movement, each moment turning in brilliant colours that takes us into better place in our lives.

Its why we where put on this earth for, it was for each other; to love and be loved. If you think about it; its how we were made. Love is the chemistry of us; its about laws of nature.

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