Remember the way we are,
When we are together….
The sound when we’re laughing,
That laughter has a funny sound
It’s funny” it’s the same as yours
Makes us never lonely.

It’s about filling empty spaces
Remembering the lines of your face,
Traces and falling for you,
And how you saved me;
Making everything all better,
Even the color of your eyes.

Remembering the sounds of breathing
Late at night; even your snoring,
Which you tried to deny,
And all the good things,
Like sharing all your secrets,
Inside jokes, and just between us.

Remembering all things understood,
Long walks on the beach,
The dinners and the wine.
Staying up all night;
Making love on the couch
With the songs we listened to,
Without ever saying it.

So I say it now;
I just want to remind you,
To remember; that I love you.

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