March of the Flamingos

The Neighborhood

sometimes i can feel like a superhero…
I can be heard…
seen and felt across the world by people i neva met…
at the same time
yearn for …reach for… in front of the person..
who says they want their heart saved…
but be invisible
– Lucci Yuponce

Permanence, perseverance and persistence
in spite of all obstacles,
discouragements and impossibilities:
it is this that in all things,
distinguishes the strong from the weak.
– Thomas Carlyle

march of the flamingos

March of the Flamingos

music by Hustle Rhythm Soul, Drew Beats
written by Kendall F. Person

At once beautiful and thriving, Lake Makgadikgadi has been undone by the brutality of the Kalahari, which engulfed the waters several thousand years ago, leaving unforgivable terrain, known today as The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Most years, the lake attempts a comeback, with the rains falling up to 20 inches in some places, offering the allusion of…

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