Where Passions Begin


Everything in life flows from passion
That’s a fact that from the day,
From the day we are born,
At the echo from that moment,
That we learn to communicate.

And to those of us
Who love to write,
We are sensitive to this,
There is no questioning it.

I am touched
When you read my poetry
My work, is my hope of salvation,
And its force is vital to my energy,
It’s my philosophy.

Writing to me, gives me the ability
To experience sensation,
Its a metaphysical quality of all things,
It requires respect and care.

This quality enables me the ability
To love another human life,
All animals, plants, microbes,
And all the stars in the universe.

Believing that love creates life,
As we know it.

I’ll be the first to admit my writing
It is not typical of most, nor my beliefs,
But both stem from my interpretation
Of love, of relationships and passions.

Writing is my passion
Through this passion, I gain strength,
Through this strength;
I find love.

Its the inspiration for my passions;
Its love giving me the energy to write,
And that’s my passion; its my life;
Writing with love from my heart,
It’s where my passions begins.

To all my readers and followers…
A big Thank you for reading.
Love, Catnip



17 thoughts on “Where Passions Begin

    • If you go to the park, it would be just to watch the wind kiss the flowers,
      and you could name all of them and say. ‘just because I was inspired.” Thank you for your lovely reply.

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      • 😊😊😊😊 I love this
        And btw I’m a cat lover myself, though don’t have one at work.
        My old uni has a large cat population on campus and I had a habit of naming them or just watching them while chasing butterflies and tiny grasshoppers while growing up
        A pleasure reading your poetry and writing ❤️❤️

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      • Life through the eyes of a cat is amazing. How they see things, reactions to movement and action to sounds. Impulsive, reactive, decisive with no second thought. Thank you for your sweet reply.
        Love, Catnip

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  1. I can fully relate to everything you just mentioned, absolutely.

    “I’ll be the first to admit my writing
    It is not typical of most, nor my beliefs,
    But both stem from my interpretation
    Of love, of relationships and passions.”

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    • If we were silent, then we could not connect the dots in our hearts. Somehow we open our hands, pick up the pen and our dreams pour out in the lines. It’s when words won’t ever say enough.

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