Points of Distance


This lighthouse is
About the magic of us
Of your strength unfailing
But just questioning
Everything. It’s navigating
Going the distance.

It just keeps us waiting
It’s like ripples in the ocean
On rose colored glasses
Like the blurriness
Of a photo.

They are beautiful
Contrasting and wild
I watched you dance
With the crispness
Of life, feeling your distress
In the waves itself.

Where Memories
Are carefully kept, though
Thoughts unsure
It’s just the processing
The vision you have of us
And your always
On my mind too..

This light will set us free
It’s our basic need
Our choice to love
To survive this…
These points of distance.

Where love will be
Our compass
It’s the beauty of us
And the sand in the sea
These vivid waters are many
Setting sail, lighting our way.

Finding you last night
Like two ships adrift
About to make way anchors
Making it to the harbour
Together again.

7 thoughts on “Points of Distance

    • If I whisper his name miles away, will you shiver?
      When I close my eyes and think of you do you feel my warmth?
      If I dream and you dream, will we be together among the stars?

      Liked by 1 person

      • If I breathe in your whisper, will we share the breath of life?
        Will the warmth we combine blanket the earth in a divine hug?
        If we shine together could we radiate the night?


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