Why I Love You – Purpose and character


To love you unconditionally,
express ourselves without fear of judgement is our purpose.

To me there should be no fear of being that human.

It’s about character, and
I love you as you are.

If we are brave enough,
To look you in the eye,
To say it, that I love you,
and not blink at it.

It’s because I mean it.
You are my purpose.
It’s why I love you.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love You – Purpose and character

  1. I, once purported, that I uncondionally loved someone. I felt that I had betrayed her and that the the core of my being was a deceitful sham. I felt that I did not know the meaning of the words, leaving me in an utterly confused hell on earth. Somehow, with her absent from my life and perhaps never to return. I pray , really, that she will find someone to give her that love which I could not, and I pray this everyday. I can see even that she may hate me, that an apology would remain meaningless, and I could stand before her insults, unforgiven. But , I would still love her in the face of that, and hope for her happiness. So, it could be that I DO know HOW to love unconditionally….

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