Smudges of Poetry


Passerby’s ask why
Trying to reply to everyone
Smudging out words and poetry,
But I only makes out a few.

“That’s really quite pretty,”
They begin to say,
A tear falls down my cheek,
My ink swirls away,
Writing just enough to get by,
Hurrying through the laundry
And the rain.

I’m getting drenched,
Letting boats go, but I won’t sink,
So I just wait here with no refrain.
Trying to form something today,
That will remain
In a more intelligent way.

How to say it…
I have so much to tell you,
But with so little ink,
So I’ll just say it.

That “I just love you; I do.”
It’s all I can thinks about is you
That’s it until I find better words,
So these will just have to do.

Trying to keep it up
Doing the best I can

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