Chemistry Lessons


So I think i had a MSG glutinous overload. I felt sick all day after yesterday having eaten a Butterfinger and Chinese food and three diet cokes.

I think it put me into a coma with a terrible headache all night long I felt sick all day stayed in bed sweating.

Except for this morning I had a shower and when I went to blow my nose and all the yellow stuff came out. I felt a little better.

The dog wants a milkbone every time after she goes out and pees then comes back in. She think she deserves a treat every time.

The cat box is in a state of needing changing. It’s Timmy’s cat. Maine coon kitten poops a lot but I can’t do it, I might vomit…

That’s ok, because I still love them just the same; and come pee or poop, or MSG.

Lesson; don’t eat Chinese food and butterfingers on the same day you have to change the kitty litter box.

I love you and Goodnight.

Love, Catnip

3 thoughts on “Chemistry Lessons

  1. Sound advice! I only eat in Chinese restaurants that are MSG free. That stuff gives me a headache every time, too. Hope you feel better 🙂

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