Just My Thoughts and


I think some people don’t like cats, well I don’t even actually own one. But I like them. My son has a Beautiful Maine Coon Kitten. It’s my first experience with one. She likes people food.

And my husband has a stripped tabby which he got before I met him. He’s great! He catches mice and plays with them.

I just like the way they think. I watch them and love their behaviour. I love cats and people and everything.

They can tell who likes them and who doesn’t. If you are standoffish and emotionally challenged, maybe insecure; I think they can sense it. They are like people; they like us know who to trust. It’s just their natural instinct.

It’s like that dog in the fence you have been walking up to for the last 20 years that still barks at you every time they see you. They know you, but they still bark. They are sensitive to a lack of emotion, just like us.

It’s just that you’ve never tried to be his friend. Are you afraid of…of being different or opening up to something. Try getting on a plane, going somewhere you’ve never been before; try loving someone you’ve never met. Try trusting and loving anyone or anything; just once…

Don’t forget about that neighbours dog… It may just stop barking at you one day if you open up a bit. I think if try petting him, you’ll find how amazing life around you can become.


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