Mi Amour on the Dance Floor


Nothing can come
Between us,
Don’t you see?

Let’s be together,
Just you and me,
I can’t stop thinking
About you.

On the inside, I’m blue,
Because I can’t stand
Dancing without you.

Let’s get back like before,
You are the guy,
I mostly adore,
Will you always be my Valentine
My precious amore?

Cutting a rug around this floor,
Golly Geez I sure do miss you.


7 thoughts on “Mi Amour on the Dance Floor

  1. Save The Last Dance For Me

    You can dance-every dance with the guy
    Who gives you the eye,let him hold you tight
    You can smile-every smile for the man
    Who held your hand neath the pale moon light
    But don’t forget who’s takin’ you home
    And in whose arms you’re gonna be
    So darlin’ save the last dance for me


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