Be My Poodle ~ Smile


There is something about the night sky,
The beauty and elegance, in an overwhelming smile,
Joy and happiness, not void nor pale of the light.
Moments before dawn when the light graces the earth, the nested hen rising; her rooster’s crow, chicks hatching.
Life among mortals, yet leaving no traces.
It is about wisdom and full of love guiding all from going astray,
A heart full of kindness and devoid of hate, when she loves him truly, and he truly loves her.
With only one wish, only one language; to live in world of harmony, peace, love and infinite grace; blessed with the smile.

Thank you for reading…welcome to the first in a new series.
“Be my poodle” is a photo series of Haiku and photographs in black and white about the faces of people and the expression of the smile. enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Be My Poodle ~ Smile

  1. I love this series Catnip! Before I read this I was thinking- I love her pictures, they are filled with joy and make me smile…So, beautiful and wonderful! Look forward to more smiles from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you as I have been missing my love very much lately. Writing helps me pass the time. He’s away at work on a teaching assignment and will be back soon.


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