Capacity of the Heart


The human heart has a great capacity to do many things; to love, to feel, let us dream; to be creative and to know passion.

The average human heart pumps approximately five liters of blood per minute.

This tremendous capacity of the heart to increase its pumping ability is accomplished by increasing the heart rate.

The volume can be measured the reserve capacity of the heart, by measuring the maximal rate of oxygen consumption (VO 2 max).


Love encourages the heart, love increases blood flow, heart rate and oxygen.
It makes us peaceful and creates fights and excitement.
And it is soothing and contentment.

And above all; Love is always worth it, because it makes us want to become a better person.

Every time we love someone, from the simplest caring for a friend, to the deepest desire; somehow we will love someone until our world ends.


From the unconditional love of a child
to the complicated love of the gods
there is…no meaning to love
love means…everything

No matter how much it hurts you,
It makes us cry
Try’s our spirt, and splits the soul.

And whenever it comes into our life, we should accept it, it’s a gift,
It’s how we learn because we live though love and the people who come into our lives.

We will have to make decisions, some mistakes, and the rest will be experiences; choices and try again.

And…above all, be compassionate and charitable; to be love to someone who really needs it no matter what others think.

That…is the true meaning of love; its that the heart has the capacity to love more than we will ever know.


What do think love means? Share your thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “Capacity of the Heart

  1. Love is that warm feeling
    that you get in your heart
    That nudge that inspires you to action
    That overjoyed feeling that makes you exclaim “I’m on top of the World”
    That comfort needed in life’s sadness
    The solitude enjoyed together
    in a cozy warm place
    on a cold Winters day
    The pride in his excellence
    The knowing you’re the glimmer
    of his eye
    The pure satisfaction of walking through life with someone
    that loves, supports and understands everything about you
    To BE in a like blissful state constantly because we feed each other’s fires
    To love, feel love and be love
    together through all of
    Life’s wonderful mysteries
    and continue to
    thirst for more…

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