Fragments of Love


My cheek to his chest,
His cheek to my shoulder
Until the morning sometimes without a word
That smell and that softness,
It’s the feeling of another living being.

Companionship makes it all worth living
Sometimes there was no need for words,
There are nights we will remember
for the rest of our lives.

These days, it’s a buzzing anxiety
Of strained muscles and hard voices
And frightened walls, but thankfully
Most of them become a blur.

It’s just at night when both of us,
Are alone, the music becomes our lullabies
We seek the the soft curve of bodies,
The fragile lives of another’s skin.

Those hands and lips, the pillow talk
And those are times it becomes the sweetest
These are the best things in an inconsequential world,
When only you and I exist.

It’s when we let those words escape our lips,
All of a sudden then, I can see your face
And fall asleep next to you,
Listening to your breathing, while you sleeping
It’s that sound of your dreaming.

Those are the moments that I love the most
It pierces my heart, that feeling of you near me
I know we are not broken and not too far apart;
That love is just a fragment, parts and piece of us,
Like a mosaic and that’s what love really is.

It’s why I love you.
Sweet Dreams Darling.
And Goodnight.

Love, Catnip

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