Best Friends


I love you;

And I won’t ever have anything bad or empty, to say about you.

Friends are pretty, sparkling words and nothing but sweet nothings; isn’t that what best friends are for… Late night whispering, laughing and tears.

And I know sometimes not everything goes as its planned or it should. But it’s the way you deal with things that makes it all seem good.

I love nothing better than the thought of you calling me “baby” and holding me close and saying “I love you darling, everything is going to be alright.

Theses things are real proof that nothing or anything will get in between us ever. I think the hard part is acceptance and waiting for friends like us to develop. I know everyone of us has struggled. And when it is over and sometimes you just have to ride it out, but it’s nice to know someone has been around for support.

That’s why I find comfort in you, knowing that you love me and support me.

The very thought of us apart terrifies me and I want you to stay with me always because I love you that much.

And if you ever need me, I want to be the one you come too and I will be beside close enough and all the way.

I promise.

5 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Oh goodness,we are on the same wave again! I almost used this very pic in my last post. So glad I didn’t as you,my friend,capture the moment beautifully.

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