About Poetry… Dylan Thomas Quoted

” I am only a poet when I’m writing poetry. 

The rest of the time I’m … well, Christ, look at me.” 

–  Dylan Thomas

We all struggle, carry doubt on our sleeve

But nothing makes me feel more like a poet 

Than being caught up it in and writing it,

Getting back to writing or revising it,

It is serious work; it is my life pored out.

It’s why a poet expresses their heart on paper.

It’s why during the hardest times, the words come easier.

So I am a hopeful poet and writer, hardly an artist, 

Though should I gain one abstract of identity entitled to me,

It would be a bestowed gift upon my creativity 

That simply this is my daily work; where poetry becomes,

It is the process of writing and making art. 

What I love about Thomas’ distinction, in part, is that 

it is so inclusive; you are what you do.  If you want to be a poet: write. 

If you want to be a songwriter: then sing and write. 

It’s so simple and not so difficult as that.

Thank you for reading.

12 thoughts on “About Poetry… Dylan Thomas Quoted

  1. Great post, but not as simple as some believe until you have walked in that person’s shoes. Just my humble opinion.



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  3. Thanks very much for posting this quote by Dylan Thomas. I’d come across it before in a biography of Dylan, but couldn’t recall it exactly. It’s going in my own diary of favourite quotes 🙂

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    • It’s a wonderful quote. Thank you for reading.
      Poets write on crumbled up pieces of paper, sometimes we write on anything we can find with emotions hidden from so long ago. Thinking about when his words were written. These are the words I long for; to write, gazing at the lines of Dylan without a pause.


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