Butterfly Love

When there is one,

Who stands up for you and the one who stays by your side;

A promise to always be there, with you.

One of a noble grace to help get you through;

Both in the good times and in the tough ones too.

When there is one,

Who wants to be the one, who loves life and wants to be part of yours.

Brings you hope when there was none before.

Loves all that you are, without question or doubt;

To be the one who helps you love, achieve, and inspire;

Given in his strength; returning so much more than taken.

A vanquisher of all the sad,

The banisher of all fear,

A healer of your sorrows; as he cares for you with such a tough yet gentle love;

Yet, his hands, still so tender to the touch.

And honestly he wouldn’t mind,

Fighting for you in strife; for he would give you his whole life.

That’s what a true warrior, was born to do.

He is my butterfly love.

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