the sense
of her warmth
breath of heaven
here on earth

sleeping, so sweet
I stood still,
so calm, I stood
staring at an angel

softly I touched
to wake her gently
only to take her

11 thoughts on “Taken

  1. This haunted me at first. The words. The picture. I’ve seen it too many times in rivers, ditches, the forest floor, muddy churned earth, and violated homes in places the world would like to forget. But, there is a certain beauty in knowing that angels don’t suffer the living anymore. Your poem softened those images. Maybe now, they’ll rest.

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    • I appreciate your interpretation. Ethereal images are effective for expressing emotions when lovers are distant and longing for a surge of taking the others essence, triggered by something read, or remembering there scent or the sound of their voice.


      • I realized later I misinterpreted your intent but the image took me some place else. A trigger perhaps. I remembered a different kind of taken and a sense of loss when found. But, that’s another story that doesn’t belong on your wonderful blog. I believe love is the force that holds the universe together and your blog is a radiant beacon of that love. My apologies for distracting your message.

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      • No not at all. I try to stay positive that even in moments of doubt with faith that something is out there that might just change the course of history.

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      • I believe it too. It’s not the cataclysmic event that shakes earth and soul that alters the course of history so much as those subtle nuances of everyday life that nudge a person to a decision to act in a moment where entire futures are made. It’s easier to believe in the probable and that sustains faith. (for me anyway 🙂

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