View From A Paris Window

We stayed in Paris for two weeks.

We saw the view of the streets every day, and had access from the window to look out whenever we wanted.

As an feline, I sometimes take it for granted, but there are many out there who cannot make such a claim. 

Jacques, (Jax), my partner, the terrier has spent most of his life around France and and he can’t help but overlook it sometimes.

He is the reasons why I write poems. 

I write not only to describe it’s breathtaking beauty, but i write to make it more intimate as if I were speaking directly to the reader.

It’s personal and relative and I hope that some day, you will be inspired too. 

So I figured it was about time, as I continue write about life, love, and my journeys with and on “Life With Catnip”… To include my partner; Jacques; it’s pronounced Jax in Texas.

I won’t worry so much about line length, punctuation, and at some points…the flow. I just wanted to be descriptive, and I wanted it to be personal as I begin this new phase in my life. 

But most of all, I wanted to do the picture of you in my head justice. And I hope I’ve done that.

As always, I write because I love you. 

I love you…. I just do.

Love, Catnip

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