Pen Paper and Soul


And for that one moment while the music plays you know who you are and everything you wish to be.”

Within us is the sounds, we are the ones the music is written for.  

I hear it in my ear
A different sense of lyric, 
With sources of its rhythm
still remain unknown.

To remain inside
Hearts and minds, 
when one create tone 
and now I know
my brightest dreams
will not be chased

A commitment to our belonging 
is purposely artful,
it’s an adhesion to our balance,
overtly hopeful, 
the ultimate test of our patience
like a time capsule.
I do not resist his pull,
nor he mine
and now I see
how love is best embraced
in full…
He is my teacher
I am learning to find 
he is like my inner self;
my pen, my paper 
and my soul.

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