Theory of Knowledge 


“The world is my presentation.” ~Schopenhauer, Philosopher

The world presents itself as it appears to the knowledge of the subject. It’s appearance is in the form of time, space and causality. 

And these forms every for nominal phenomena that necessarily appears, because they are formed by object and to the subject to the world as it presents itself. 

The world presents consist entirely out of phenomena. That is apparently related according to these forms.  

Like if I don’t get my mortgage, I will probably be upset. Re: object to subject. 

The most fundamental relation between right shit and left shit is the way lenders thinking I’ll get into debt and not pay the mortgage company. 

They which is implied in all of them without acerbic they can be presented knowing I’ve got jet lag bad, reality is subjective. 

So, I need more slips and forms. 

Just Great. Pffff.
Ref: Schopenhauer by Thomas Whittaker, London; 1916, “Theory of Knowledge, Chapter II, p. 16.

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