Without Reason

All one needed 

Was to be wanted,

To feel desired, 

Maybe loved too.

If not that…

Then what else is there?

What reason does one have

To live for; if not for whom, 

If not loved

Without reason.

3 thoughts on “Without Reason

    • Yes and it means so much more to be giving and open. It’s something to desired and it returned. Thank you for your sweet reply. Heart.


  1. I can see this meaning so many things. Love between two people or a love between an artist and her work or between the artist and her public. It can mean any number of things and that’s great because if it only meant one thing, and people didn’t have that, it might mean they could never be happy without out a certain kind of love. That’s not true, there are many kinds and they are all fulfilling and beautiful.


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