When looking at reflections, and loving what is seen,
The beautiful with blue eyes, skin so fair to believe,

Waves of curls, hair like an ocean,

A part of myself is both, not feeling there is any harm,

Going with how it feels, when it comes to comfort,

Taking the clothes right off her body; he is the same,

Discovering wings instead of sweaters and slacks,

With an old soft shirt worn to bed, no matter,

It all feels so right and comfortable too,

Where there is just wonderment, the words come easy, 

When I write to a butterfly, fairie and sprite, 

I can make do with the teasing, so harmless,

It’s pleasing even if it hurts like a bite; it makes me proud of you,

It’s about looking into mirrors, loving what we see with a feeling,

To be true oneself; Just be who you are,

And whatever one wishes to be. 

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