“At what was against herself affected her more; but she raised both arms to the sky and her eyes to the sun’s bright beams, By yonder resplendent orb with his glistening rays.”          

  -Ovid’s Metamorphosis 

From the first ray of sunlight waking,
Moments of love between the sheets,

Every morning I lift my head towards his sunbeams;

My face is washed in the warmth of him and the coming day.

The cold wind slows to a cool breeze, 

I shiver, but he leans into me and holds me tight. 

My breath gust gently, as I blow snow upon his Douglass fir,

Creating miniature burst,

Turning each granule of snow into a glistening jewel.

Scampering across the newly laid snow;

Where I stay perched upon his full plush tree limb,

His songs open up to clear blue sky, 

With only a single round glowing orb, rising.

As the sun’s radiance rises above the horizon,

Engulfing the blanket of his covered land,

Within his brilliance all I see is his glittering, snow, white, and morning,

And a resplendent wonderland.

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