Where Poetry Comes From


How does one convey the adoration to the one she loves…

How does one express love, and to decide to choose that person…

Maybe it’s when they are able to give into their mind freely, 

To the sharing of mutual desire; when they become conscious and dream it,

Perhaps there is such a thing as true love, 

It’s a mutual admiration, respect, of giving, forgiving and affection. 

There are kinds of making love of the wonderful kind, its settling; calm,

Then there is ravaging raging animal instinct of pure raw fucking kind. 

The kind of passion where you desire no one else. 

The kind where at times you both give in your all and everything,

Could this be normal;  yes and yet some wonder. 

They say this is the kind of passion most writers and poets understand, 

It’s the ones write it, carry that knowledge, 

Maybe they are the ones who know because they share their experiences,

When they write of explicit love in lyric and poetry;

“Oh how I long for thee
To touch, to feel,
To break and bend,
Make me over and over,
Until I beg you my love,
And with all strength,
Everything that I am,
To what We will become,
To that thought of desire 
To attain the near impossible,
Yes my love, 
And to that passion, 
Comes the love,
And where the poetry is made. “

6 thoughts on “Where Poetry Comes From

  1. “It’s a mutual admiration, respect, of giving, forgiving and affection. ” I agree. Poetry is sweet dreams, hope and the use of imagination of things you can never hold again. A beautiful poem dear Poet. I hope you are doing well and having a lot of fun.

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