How does one become lovable; maybe it’s when we love and giving and maybe it when we so loved that admiraton is returned. 

It’s so hard to imagine about a life without you and how life could have been so different if we had never met. 

Learning to love someone as we do now takes time; the discovery of another, and it’s finding; of having been one of the greatest impacts of a lifetime. 

And I can’t even think about life without you now; it’s the one thing that I cannot even want to begin to imagine. I don’t want to. 

You’re the one constant; and my something; my everything; coming in with faithful words capturing my heart.

With a mind like an anthology, and full of knowledge; and it’s as if you have always known that words don’t have to be written in a book to be loved or understood. 

Wisdom is like love and it can be intoxicating, and I think it makes you even more lovable and to me that is plenty; plenty just like the stars above. 

16 thoughts on “Lovable

  1. More than a poem
    You written my heart
    More than an ocean
    You captured my soul
    What can I say
    Than, re-read the words
    With the scent of your love

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      • His screams are silenced
        He awaits the euthanasia in the desert
        He hear only sand storms
        He cannot open the eyes
        He cannot open the lips
        But he awaits
        His words to be written down
        On the flowing sand

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