A Fairytale  

Once upon a time… 

There was a boy and a girl. They met and fell for each other in spite of the distance and many bumpy roads along the way. They were not unlike other newly married couples, they loved each other and were enjoying their life together. 

They had been on the move are several years in order to collect waves of feelings. Although it seems, that everything they had done up until now has been towards setting up a home. 

Perhaps they must be at work with it as much as possible, as much as they can; once it’s done that house, knowing it will be for the progress of civilisation and for the consciousness of humanity. 

They should not be distracted there for hither; or to add depth to the water to those who refuse all things on the earth except what benefits others in the moment.  Instead they will carry their  love with strength and courage and not let it expire with exhaustion of another; or trivial things that matter not. 

Again, her hope was not to be a distraction, to him, but to encourage his greatness. To come together by habit, of being all; and to the many and adaptable to all things. 

There was her hope of him creating something epic; perhaps it will be a fairytale central to it’s core, and even with caution if it should need it. 

To continue his writing and perhaps publishing all of his letters and stories.  Although sometimes she didn’t think he knew the magnitude or understands the latitude of his great works. 

When he is ready to write again; she thought and somehow she knew one day he would create the manuscript of experience; beneficial not only to the souls of others, but for himself as well.  

Only if it were that easy to create, and be it to the expense of others and self. 

Last night she saw him in a different light and She could see that he wax becoming more; with insight in all things, generous of habit; and with time some great inspiration would eventually be penned one day. 

She had no doubt he could be sincere in his literary works; maybe creating something divine, with a profound concept of life with the attention to all life’s mysteries and to tell all the lessons about what he has learned about the importance of existence and the human condition. 
And In his own time, darling… For they always called each other, “darling.” 

“Even if you never get to write, then,” she said. 

Then he said, “Darling; “After all, we still have each other, love and our own little happily ever after.”

The End.

11 thoughts on “A Fairytale  

    • It’s not easy to tell somebody how great they are and have them believe it. I think they have to find out for themselves and maybe with a little encouragement too. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I agree with the quote and I love your work. Always good to read your words. Thank you dear friend for sharing your thoughts and poetry. I hope you are having too much fun.


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