We share dreams and secrets, curled up around each other like the wires dangling behind his television set. 

Its there we sit, sometimes pondering the universe; but I think it is his lips on that that invade my thought processes. 

And in my musings, we are pushed to the side in favor of other sorts of explorations.

They’re not mindless strings of carnal activities. Planning our weekends, but not always. 

Tonight with the moon full in setting and with our little creatures flitting around the edges of our vision, we decide to just exist. 

My head on his shoulder. Your fingers tangled up in my hair. Whispers and kisses in the half-light. 

It’s almost 3:00 AM; the dawn will be breaking soon; and not worrying about what colours will paint the day. 

6 thoughts on “Colors 

  1. Layer after layer
    I keep you in my heart
    Like a pearl
    Hidden only for my eyes
    Your breathes are with me
    I feel it every moment
    Your words kissing
    And hugging me every second
    I see you in my shadow!

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    • Do you feel this way too
      Dizzy and falling
      For you for so long
      Pealing back the world
      Opening up the words
      Staying here
      Hearts of flame
      Rushing away


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