White Peonies And Scented Stocks


See how the purple stock bends

As though he is bowing at the knee

To him, she’s more than a flower,

For she is a peony, please. 

With her halo opening

Where she still longs for his nectar

In the place they too could love,

Blowing with the wind, hoping,

And making love like the rain

Awaiting the spring.   


She lays in his awaking 

No longer does he slumber

In the womb of her land, he sings,

Where clouds ceaselessly taking 
Their time. 


Waiting towards the horizon

For the morning light,

To come and open up,

Upon the altar of the earth

For the love of her heights

His beautiful white peony

That he loved; of the same soul 

And will always be 

In his sight. 


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