Walking The Cat

There is adventure in the journey 

Some of us are meant to be lead,

And others are born to follow. 
It’s where life can flow clockwise 

Sometimes veering intensely  

Love is revolution in every direction

That’s our destiny. 

Appearing as a obedient 

A slender rope-like,churning, 

Rotating around a nearly invisible, 

World; it’s just love like crazy

Swirling extending downward.

Touching as if pulling me 

From the ground.
Loving, longing, living

There are updraft and downdraft 
Storms subsiding finally 

We’re colliding sometimes too. 
Life is intensely exciting

Nearest to the balance,

Get to the center of street,

And pull it to the outside,

The way it’s supposed to be. 
Wherever he goes, I go

Simply, he’s a cat on a lead, and 

He doesn’t just walk with me 

He leads me too. 

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