Belgium Chocolate Bliss


The heat of our very own nature
Can become a passion in our lives,
Simply, it is the desire to taste;
And to sample everything.

Sometimes, it’s all that we want
Then it becomes more than a need,
It drips from our brows,
Just to make us swoon.

Once I tasted it; Protected it
Like a mama cat consumed;
With the rhythms for her baby loves,
Intertwined in her own symphony.

It was succulence in unison
A love beyond compare; Nurturing
Passionate, thrusting and craving,
And a gentle envowering.

Motion took over wanton
Sweet nectar falling upon my lips,
Love upon luscious tongue,
To the release of the sweet.

The fantasy was a dream, I thought
Then the dream became real,
Just the thought of such an ecstasy,
Could I be unwrapping another?

But slowly it melted; unlasting
This delight into my mouth,
Until all the traces were gone,
Satisfied that the box was empty.

I was completely filled with this
As the night faded away and all done;
Content from my first taste of the savory,
Of Belgium Chocolate Bliss.

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