Never Far

I meow while you sing,
Harmony and purrs it brings,
Yet we are always here,
A sight for each other to be.

Divided we fall,
But together we are a family,
And we love each other,

You keep the house warm
Keeping it safe from harm,
I go out at night,
Back inside; no fright.

I keep you calm,
How wonderful it is,
To call this house our home,
There is never any bordom.

We’re just a stray couple,
Looking for the loveable,
Running on survival-able
Together we are thrive-able.

There is no doubt; no strife
Someone done something good,
To deserve such a life,
Reaching out for more if I could.

This is what I understand
So give me your hand,
I will give you my heart,
Promise never to go too far. 

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